Observing oceans from space

The OSI SAF develops, processes and distributes, in near real-time, products related to key parameters of the ocean-atmosphere interface. Products are accessible on local FTP servers with flexible extraction interface, EUMETCast, and EUMETSAT Data Center (EDC). The OSI SAF also offers climatological data records.
The OSI SAF team focuses on scatterometer winds (and soon microwave winds), Sea Surface Temperature (SST) and sea Ice Surface Temperature (IST), radiative fluxes : Surface Short wave Irradiance (SSI) and Downward Long wave Irradiance (DLI), sea ice concentration, edge, type, emissivity, drift.
The OSI SAF currently use data from meteorological satellites both in geostationary and polar orbit.

Top story

Forecasters and other users are usually interested in the winds near a storm, location or facility, but are faced with collecting information through many “clicks”. Recently, however, the OSI SAF winds team at KNMI has developed a new visualization tool which gives easy access to near-real time OSI SAF winds from all available instruments on one web page in a known meteorological context. Our goal was to create a fast, location-based access, rather than access based on instrument or product.