2008 User Workshop in Brest, France

This 4th OSI SAF user workshop took place on the 15-16 October 2008 in the context of the Sea Tech Week in Brest, France.

General presentation

OSI SAF Status and Objectives of the workshop, Guenole Guevel, Météo-France
EUMETSAT’S Operational Satellite Oceanography Services, Hans Bonekamp, EUMETSAT
MyOcean and its SST Thematic Assembly Centre, Hervé Roquet, Météo-France
MyOcean and its Sea Ice-Wind Thematic Assembly Centre, Steinar Eastwood & Ad Stoffelen, MET Norway & KNMI

OSI SAF products status

OSI SAF SST and Radiative Fluxes status, Pierre le Borgne, Météo-France
OSI SAF Sea Ice status, Steinar Eastwood, MET Norway
OSI SAF Wind Status, Ad Stoffelen, KNMI

Products usage and users needs

Use of SST through the GHRSST, Craig Donlon, ESA and GHRSST
Validation of SEVIRI SST in the English Channel and the Bay of Biscay with the ISAR radiometer, Werenfrid Wimmer, NOC, Southampton, UK
Use of OSI SAF SST and fluxes applied to POMME and EGEE experiments: comparisons and modelisation, Florence Sevault, Météo-France
Oceanographic product needs for IOC in the frame of the AMESD program, J. Bruniquel, Thales Alenia Space France, France
Seasonal cycle and interannual variability of temperature in the Bay of Biscay, from satellite and in situ analyses, Sylvain Michel, IFREMER, France
Validation of METOP-A SSTs with the GHRSST High Resolution Diagnostic Data Set, David J. S. Poulter, NOC, Southampton, UK
Operational Use of ASCAT Ocean Surface Wind Vector Products within NOAA/NWS Offices, Zorana Jelenak, NOAA
Characterization of ASCAT measurements based on buoys and QuikSCAT Wind Vector observations, Abderrahim Benthamy, IFREMER, France
The use of OSI-SAF Level 2 ASCAT wind data at the Met Office, Matthew Martin (Author : Simon Keogh), UKMO
Use of SST at IRD, Dominique Dagorne, IRD, France
Use of SST and sea-ice data in operational analysis and assimilation systems at the UK Met Office, Matthew Martin, UKMO

Products dissemination aspects

Dissemination of the OSI SAF products through IFREMER FTP server, Jean-François Piollé, IFREMER, France
Dissemination of the OSI SAF products through met.no FTP server, Steinar Eastwood, MET Norway
OSI SAF Operational Dissemination and Archiving Services(Addressing Eumetcast/Geonetcast and Eumetsat Central Archive), Frédéric Gasiglia, Sally Wannop, EUMETSAT

Discussion - conclusion

Outcome from final discussion and recommendations