2011 User Workshop in Oslo, Norway

This 5th OSI SAF user workshop took place on the 6 September 2011 in the context of the EUMETSAT meteorological satellite conference in Oslo, Norway.


Introduction and brief overview on the OSI SAF, Guenole Guevel, Météo-France

SST and Radiative Fluxes - Chairman : Anne O'Carroll, EUMETSAT

Usage of SST product by My Ocean and requirements, Hervé Roquet, Météo-France
New Geostationary SST and Radiative Fluxes products, Pierre Le Borgne, Météo-France
New High Latitude SST and radiative fluxes products, Steinar Eastwood & Øystein Gødoy, MET Norway

Wind - Chairman : Julia Figa Saldana, EUMETSAT

Requirements for GCOS ECVs, Ad Stoffelen, KNMI
International Collaborations and support for Climate Data Sets at PO.DAAC, David Moroni, PO.DAAC
Usage of wind and sea ice products at ECMWF, Giovanna de Chiara, ECMWF

Sea Ice - Chairman : Steinar Eastwood, MET Norway

Sea ice and requirements (GCOS ECV/MyOcean), Lars-Anders Breivik, MET Norway
Usage of SST and Sea Ice products in OSTIA, Emma Fiedler, UKMO
Usage of Sea Ice products for Climate modelling, Andrea Storto, Univ. of Bologna
Environment Canada Sea Ice requirements, Tom Carrieres, Canadian Ice Service
Demonstration of METSIS, a new data management system for OSI SAF, Øystein Torget, MET Norway