Access to data

OSI SAF near-real time (NRT) and off-line products are disseminated trough several means, depending on the product : EUMETCast, FTP servers, WMO Global Telecommunication System (GTS).

OSI SAF NRT archived products and data records are available on FTP servers, EUMETSAT Data Center (EDC) and some outside OSI SAF means (PO.DAAC, CMEMS).

OSI SAF products can also be vizalised and discovered thanks to user-friendly web interfaces : Naiad, METSIS, quicklooks.

Here is a short description of these dissemination and discovery means. Please look at each product description to see where you can find it and in which format.

OSI SAF dissemination means

EUMETCast is a multi-service dissemination system based on standard Digital Video Broadcast (DVB) technology. It uses commercial telecommunication geostationary satellites to multi-cast files (data and products) to a wide user community. EUMETCast also delivers a range of third-party products.

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The OSI SAF production is based on three subsystems so you can find

  • wind products on KNMI FTP server
  • high latitude sea surface temperature, sea ice and radiative fluxes products on MET Norway FTP server
  • other sea surface temperature and radiative fluxes on Ifremer FTP server


To access KNMI server, you need an account (please request it to

To access Ifremer server, you need an account (please request it to


Only wind products are available trough the WMO Global Telecommunication System.

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The EUMETSAT Data Centre provides a long-term archive of data and generated products from EUMETSAT, which can be ordered online.

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The EUMETSAT Product Navigator is the catalogue for all EUMETSAT data and products, including third-party products disseminated via EUMETCast.




Other dissemination means

A lot of wind and SST products are also available at JPL/PO.DAAC (outside OSI SAF).


Some sea ice products are also disseminated by the Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service.




OSI SAF discovery means

Quicklooks of OSI SAF products are available on OSI SAF web pages.

For wind products, you can use the "OSI SAF multi-platform product viewer".

For high latitudes products, please go on Quicklooks of products.

For low and mid latitudes products, please go on Quicklooks.

Naiad system is a powerful and open framework for the search and discovery within massive multi-mission satellite data archives. It provides unique features such as multi-criteria (time and location, but also more advanced criteria) and content-oriented data queries, sub-setting, re-gridding, visualization and automatic generation and dissemination of customized products directly to users and it is based on existing standards for data exchange (OpenDAP).

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The development of WIS relevant functionality at MET Norway is coordinated within the project MET Norway Scientific Information System (METSIS) which develops a set of applications that may be linked to fulfil certain tasks within a data management system or withinn WIS. The full METSIS system, a meta data search tool with visualisation, will be up later this year, but all sea ice products with metadata can already be found here: