Dissemination of NetCDF Format for SSMIS Ice Concentration (OSI-401-b)


Dear OSI SAF Sea Ice Concentration User,

Issued Thu Sep 21 13:33:23 UTC 2017

The OSI SAF Level 3 Global Sea Ice Concentration product in netCDF format will be available on EUMETCast from 5 October.

The product consists of daily averaged fractional ice cover in percentage, processed from passive microwave satellite data (SSMIS) over the polar regions.

The product acronym is OSICOGB [ID: OSI-401-b].

It will be distributed on EUMETCast, in addition to the currently available GRIB format product, on the 'SAF-Global' channel:
PID: 300 (for Europe and Africa)
Multicast Address:

Example file names:
S-OSI_-DMI_-MULT-GL_NH_CONCn__-201708231200Z.nc.gz (for the northern hemisphere)
S-OSI_-DMI_-MULT-GL_SH_CONCn__-201708231200Z.nc.gz (for the southern hemisphere)

Note that we strongly recommend you to use the NetCDF format, as soon as possible, instead of the GRIB format. Indeed we plan to stop the GRIB dissemination in 6 months. The OSISAF team is ready to support the users for the change.

Best Regards,