GEO SST and radiative fluxes products, processed with a new chain, will become operational on 19 January

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Following the service message #2166, please be aware that the enhanced products will become operational from 19 January 2021. They will be distributed on EUMETCast, EUMETSAT Data Center and on the OSI SAF LML FTP server instead of the current ones. The products from the new chain will be available, without interruption and with exactly the same filename and format as before.


The parallel distribution of old/enhanced products (on the OSI SAF LML FTP server) will be discontinued on 19 January : enhanced products won't be available in directories called v2020 anymore but in usual directories; old products won't be distributed any more.


Please note that the values of latitude and longitude variables, which were missing in SST enhanced products (in directories v2020), are filled with correct values from yesterday 8 January 2021.
Some links were wrong in the service message #2166, please find below the correct links to the documentation: