Global Sea Ice products – GRIB and HDF5 formats to be discontinued


Dear sea ice user,
As previously raised in OSI SAF service messages, the GRIB and HDF5 formats of Global Sea Ice products from OSI SAF are planned to be discontinued on 5th April 2018.  Users are strongly encouraged to use the NetCDF format as soon as possible.
This message concerns the following products:
[OSI-401-b] Global Sea Ice Concentration (SSMIS)
[OSI-402-c] Global Sea Ice Edge
[OSI-403-c] Global Sea Ice Type
Currently, the products are provided in several formats (depending on the product and on the distribution mean): NetCDF, GRIB and HDF5 via HL FTP server ( and EUMETCast.
On 5th April 2018, the distribution of GRIB and HDF5 formats will be discontinued. NetCDF3 format will be the unique format available for these products both on HL FTP server (, EUMETCast-Europe and EUMETCast-Africa.
Please get ready to switch to the NetCDF files and do not hesitate to contact the OSI SAF team ( in case you need help with converting the NetCDF files to an old format.