GOES-East ABI Band 2 radiance correction from today 23 April 2019


NOAA has applied a correction to the ABI Band 2 (0.64 micron) L1b radiance for GOES-East (GOES-16) on 23 April 2019. This correction reduces the 1B radiance by 6.92%.
From products dated 2019−04−23T13:00Z, the 0.94 corrective factor previously applied in OSI SAF processing has been reset to 1 by the OSI SAF project team.
We expect no impact on the concerned products (listed below), except for the products between 11:00 and 15:00.

[OSI-305-a] GOES-East Downward Longwave Irradiance

[OSI-306-a] GOES-East Solar Surface Irradiance