High Latitude L2 Sea and Sea Ice Surface Temperature

DescriptionThis product, in GHRSST compliant netCDF format, is a stand-alone High Latitude Level 2 Surface Temperature product. It consists of Sea and Sea Ice Surface temperatures (SST and IST) and an unvalidated test temperature field, Land Ice Surface Temperature (LIST) for the Greenland and Antarctic ice caps. The product covers the sea and ice areas polewards of latitudes 50N and 50S with 3-minute data segments in Level 2, with data processed and archived continuously throughout the day, as they become available (approximately 110 3-minute segments per day per hemisphere). The product is derived from Metop-A AVHRR data and cloud mask data using the PPS software from the NWC SAF.
Product typeNear real time productThumbnail
AcronymHL L2 SST/IST
Acronym for EDC (APNM)OSSTIST2
Product navigator referenceEO:EUM:DAT:METOP:OSI-205
Processing levelL2
Satellite inputMetop-B/AVHRR
FrequencyApproximately 110 per day per hemisphere
Central timeNA
Spatial coveragePoleward of 50N/50S
Spatial sampling1 km
Characteristics & methodsSST: subskin temperature.
IST: skin temperature.
Multispectral algorithms.
Including uncertainties.
Thresold accuracySST bias: 1.5 K SST std: 1,5 K; IST bias: 2.5 / 4.5 K IST std: 3.0 / 4.0 K
Target accuracySST bias: 0.7 K SST std: 1.0 K; IST bias: 1.5 / 3.5 K IST std: 2.0 / 3.0 K
Optimal accuracySST bias: 0.1 K SST std: 0.3 K; IST bias: 0.5 / 0.8 K IST std: 0.8 / 1.0 K
Verification/validation methodSST: Comparison with buoy observations. IST: comp with IR radiometer and buoy obs, separately
Diffusion mean(s) and format(s)EUMETCast (NetCDF3)
HL FTP Server (NetCDF3)
Main FTP serverHL FTP server, last 31 days (hosted by MET Norway)Other FTP server,
other mean(s) to access main server
Archive HL FTP server (hosted by MET Norway)

EUMETCastEUMETCastDiscovery mean(s)
Applications and usersOSI SAF ProducerDanish Meteorological Institute
Product web pageDescriptionProduct User ManualPUM
Live production statusStatusAlgorithm Theoretical Baseline DocumentATBD
Last products at a glanceQuicklookScientific Validation ReportSVR(*)

Replaced OSI-205 on 11 October 2018. Main changes are: use of satellite Metop-B instead of Metop-A Switch to Metop-B; the deviation from last SST analysis is included as a variable with this name "dt_analysis", not applied to ice surfaces; The total uncertainty "sses_standard_deviation" is the root of the summed squares of 3 uncertainty variables: Global "large_scale_correlated_uncertainty", Random "uncorrelated_uncertainty" and Synoptic "synoptically_correlated_uncertainty".

See also OSI-205-b (same product but based on NPP data)

(*) The Scientific Validation Report (SVR) was prepared with Metop-A data (OSI-205 product). A report studying the differences between the products based on Metop-A and Metop-B data, prepared before the switch to Metop-B (OSI-205-a product), shows that the quality assessment statistics are comparable for the two input data sources.

Authorised to be operational/released31/05/2018
Declared operational/released11/10/2018
On EUMETCast since11/10/2018
In EDC since11/10/2018
First product date11/10/2018