High resolution (5.7 km) ASCAT winds available in NetCDF format


After requests of several users we now started producing the 5.7 km ASCAT demonstration wind products (http://www.osi-saf.org/?q=content/high-resolution-57-km-osi-saf-ascat-wi...) in NetCDF format as well. You can find the NetCDF data in directories /scat/netcdf/ascat_a_057 and /scat/netcdf/ascat_b_057 on the KNMI FTP server (ftp.knmi.nl).
The NetCDF data format is the same as the format of the 25 km and 12.5 km products, see the Product User Manual at http://projects.knmi.nl/scatterometer/publications/pdf/ss3_pm_ascat_1.15.pdf.