Metop-C ASCAT winds calibration update and availability of regional EARS winds


The calibration update of the Metop-C ASCAT winds as announced last week is now completed and the winds have their nominal calibration again.

We are also glad to announce that as of today, the regional EARS ASCAT winds from Metop-C are also available on the KNMI FTP server, in  directory /scat/ascat_c_ears. Like for Metop-A and Metop-B, the regional winds are available mainly over the European seas and the Atlantic, and have a better timeliness than the OSI SAF global winds. Note that these products also have a development status and should not be used operationally yet.

If you don't have access (yet) to the FTP server then please contact for credentials. The EARS products are visualised on (25 km) and on (12.5 km coastal).

Your feedback is most welcome!