Metop-C ASCAT winds temporarily degraded


Dear wind product user,

As of Monday 25 February 2019 the near-real time Metop-C ASCAT 25 km and
12.5 km coastal winds will be temporarily slightly degraded due to a
calibation update. The deviations in wind speed are expected to be less
than 0.3 m/s and the duration of the degradation to be 3 days. A service
message will be sent out when the wind processor is adapted again to the
new calibrated data.

The BUFR products are available on the KNMI FTP server in directory
/scat/ascat_c_osi and the NetCDF products are available in directory
/scat/netcdf/ascat_c. If you don't have access (yet) to the FTP server
then please contact for credentials. The products are
visualised on
(25 km) and on (12.5 km

Your feedback is most welcome!