MSG/SEVIRI Sea Surface Temperature data record released

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We are pleased to announce the first release of a MSG/SEVIRI Sea Surface Temperature data record. It is now available to users on the LML FTP server, hosted by Ifremer, and will also be soon available in EUMETSAT Data Center.
It consists in subskin Sea Surface Temperature derived from the SEVIRI imager on MSG satellites (Meteosat-8 and Meteosat-9). SST is retrieved from SEVIRI infrared channels (10.8 and 12.0 µm) using a multispectral algorithm and the cloud mask from CM SAF. NWP outputs (temperature and humidity profiles), OSTIA Sea Surface Temperature re-analysis and analysis, together with a radiative transfer model (RTTOV), are used to correct the multispectral algorithm for regional and seasonal biases due to changing atmospheric conditions. The product is hourly and remapped onto a 0.05° regular grid. The product format is compliant with the Data Specification (GDS) version 2 from the Group for High Resolution Sea Surface Temperatures (GHRSST).
More information on this product are available on the product web page, including the Product User Manual and Validation Report.
To access this data record (identified by DOI 10.15770/EUM_SAF_OSI_0004), go to LML FTP server, hosted by Ifremer. The credentials are provided on request, after registration on OSI SAF web site.
To have an overview of these 8 years of hourly Sea Surface Temperature, quicklooks are available on the OSI SAF web site.