New high latitude radiative flux products


The OSI SAF team is pleased to announce that the updated Atlantic High Latitude radiative flux products, OSI-301-b and OSI-302-b, are now available. The new products are available from our FTP server (, while EUMETCast distribution will come 1-2 months from now (will be announced separately).
These new products are replacing the current OSI-301 and OSI-302. Both new and old products will be available on FTP in parallel until summer. We encourage users to start adapting your applications to the new products now.

The main changes in the new product is algorithm improvements to extend the product over sea ice and overall quality improvement. The two products are also now delivered in one common NetCDF file, instead of two separate GRIB files.

More details, including documentation (user manual, validation report, ATBD) and access to quicklooks, are available here:

OSI SAF High Latitude Team