New Interim Climate Data Record for Ice Concentration


The OSI SAF team is pleased to announce that we now start distributing OSI-430-b, our new Interim Climate Data Record of Sea Ice Concentration. OSI-430-b is an automatic extension of OSI-450 (1979-2015) from 2016 onwards, and with a latency of 16 days.
OSI-430-b uses SSMIS satellite data, and ECMWF weather forecasts. The same algorithms and processing chains are used for OSI-450 and OSI-430-b, to ensure climate consistency. We acknowledge the contribution of ESA CCI to the development of some algorithms.

In addition to the OSI-430-b datastream (with a demonstration status until June 2019), an ATBD, a Validation Report, and a Product User Manual are made available ( More information about OSI-430-b is available at

ATTENTION: users of OSI-430, the previous version of this ICDR, should take note that OSI-430 will be deprecated from June 2019, and distribution stopped at the end of January 2020. Please contact us at if we can help migrating to the new product OSI-430-b.