New OSI SAF High Latitude SST/IST products


Two updates to the family of OSI SAF High Latitude SST/IST products are now introduced:

  1. L2 products - a dedicated SNPP VIIRS Northern High Latitude product is being introduced. This product is labelled OSI-205-b, and comes in addition to the existing OSI-205-a, based on Metop-B AVHRR data. OSI-205-b is produced for each orbit of SNPP VIIRS data provided through the EARS regional service.
  2. L3 products - two new 12-hourly 5km gridded products are being introduced:
    • OSI-203-a, based on the Metop-B AVHRR L2 SST/IST product (OSI-205-a)
    • OSI-203-b, based on the SNPP VIIRS L2 SST/IST product (OSI-205-b)

The two L3 products will replace the current multi-sensor product (OSI-203), which will be discontinued on 10 September 2019. Users are therefor encouraged to start using the OSI-203-a and OSI-203-b products instead of OSI-203.

All the new products are in GHRSST compliant netCDF4 format and cover the High Latitudes seas and ice areas north of 50N. The existing OSI-205-a is poleward of 50N and 50S. The products are available on FTP and EUMETCast. More details about the products is available here: