Oceansat-2 Scatterometer wind data records released


First release of the Oceansat-2 Scatterometer L2 25 km and 50 km wind data records are now available to users. Oceansat-2 L2 25 km and 50 km winds Climate Data Records (CDR) have been created covering the period from December 2009 until February 2014, using the latest state-of-the-art wind retrieval algorithms. Scatterometer data have been collocated with ECMWF ERA-Interim winds and scatterometer level 2 wind products have been created at 25 km and 50 km swath grid.

The data records (http://dx.doi.org/10.15770/EUM_SAF_OSI_0010 and http://dx.doi.org/10.15770/EUM_SAF_OSI_0011), in BUFR and NetCDF format, will be available soon online from the EUMETSAT Data Centre (https://www.eumetsat.int/website/home/Data/DataDelivery/EUMETSATDataCentre/index.html) after registration. For now, the data are available on request from KNMI.

More information, including the Product User Manual and Validation Report is available on http://projects.knmi.nl/scatterometer/osat2_cdr  or http://www.osi-saf.org/?q=content/wind-products. An overview of the OSI SAF scatterometer winds data records is available in the story on http://www.osi-saf.org/?q=content/osi-saf-scatterometer-winds-data-records.