Old OSI SAF sea ice concentration ICDR to be stopped at 31-01-2020


The OSI SAF sea ice team would like to remind our users that the distribution of OSI-430, the previous version of the sea ice concentration interim climate data record (ICDR), will be stopped at 31st January 2020. OSI-430 has been replaced with a new ICDR, OSI-430-b. OSI-430-b is an automatic extension of the CDR OSI-450 (1979-2015) from 2016 onwards, and with a latency of 16 days. OSI-430-b has been available since mid May, with operational status since 18th June.

More information about OSI-430-b is available at

Please contact us at osisaf-manager@met.no if we can help migrating to the new product OSI-430-b.