Operational status for Metop-C/ASCAT winds


After a successful Operational Readiness Review, the OSI SAF Metop-C/ASCAT wind products (OSI-102-c and OSI-104-c) have the operational status now. The products are planned to be made available on EUMETCast and in the EUMETSAT Data Centre soon. We expect this to happen in the coming weeks and let you know once it is accomplished.

The updated ASCAT Product User Manual is available now on http://www.knmi.nl/scatterometer/publications/pdf/ASCAT_Product_Manual.pdf and the ASCAT-C wind product calibration and validation report is available on http://www.knmi.nl/scatterometer/publications/pdf/osisaf_cdop3_ss3_valrep_ascat_c_winds_1.2.pdf.