OSI SAF High Latitude production back to nominal


The production outage at the OSI SAF High Latitutde center that was announced yesterday has now been resolved and the production is back to nominal. The impacted product and dates are listed below.

  • Sea ice edge (OSI402-c): product labelled 20180411 product delayed, now available on FTP. 
  • Sea ice type  (OSI403-c): product labelled 20180411 product delayed, now available on FTP. 
  • LR sea ice drift (OSI-405-c): all products delivered on time
  • Continuous reprocess ice concentration (OSI-430): product labelled 201803101200 delayed on FTP.
  • AHL SST (OSI-203): product labelled 201804111200 delayed, now available on FTP. 
  • AHL SSI and DLI (OSI-301+302): product labelled 201804110000 lost. 

Products not mentioned here were not impacted. 

We are sorry for any inconvenience this outage might have caused.