OSI SAF partners

The OSI SAF is part of the distributed EUMETSAT Application Ground Segment. Learn more about OSI SAF

The current (CDOP3) consortium is constituted of the following partners :

Météo-France Météo-France (MF), as leading institute
DMI Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI)

Institut français de recherche pour l'exploitation de la mer (Ifremer) :

French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea


Koninklijk Nederlands Meteorologisch Instituut (KNMI) :

Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute

MET MET Norway (MET)


The research, developement and production is based on three subsystems :


  1. Low and Mid latitude (LML) Subsystem, under Météo-France responsibility, processes and distributes the SST and Radiative Fluxes products covering LML, North Atlantic Regional (NAR) and Global areas. Ifremer contributes to the products distribution and archiving,
  2. High Latitude (HL) subsystem, under MET Norway responsibility with the co-operation of DMI, processes and distributes the Global Sea Ice products, the High Latitude SST and the High Latitude Radiative Fluxes, 
  3. Wind (WIND) subsystem, under KNMI responsibility, processes and distributes the Wind products.


OSI SAF science meeting 2017

OSI SAF team and friends at the OSI SAF science meeting - Bréhat - September 2017