OSI SAF scatterometer winds data records

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To answer to the climate community, OSI SAF re-process winds products to generate Thematic Climate Data Records.

Continuous scatterometer data series exist since 1991 and are processed into climate data records, providing links to the ESA CCI or ERA-CLIM.

The characteristics and data formats of the products are the same as their near-real time equivalent but the data records are processed with newest algorithms and with fully calibrated input data.

Here are the first releases of the OSI SAF wind data records :

Data record

OSI SAF id. Period Status
Metop-A ASCAT L2 winds, 25 and 12.5 km OSI-150-a, OSI-150-b 2007-2014 Released in 2016
SeaWinds L2 winds, 25 and 50 km OSI-151-a, OSI-151-b 1999-2009 Released in 2015
ERS-1 and ERS-2 SCAT L2 winds, 25 km OSI-152 1992-2001 Released in 2017
Oceansat-2 L2 winds, 25 and 50 km OSI-153-a, OSI-153-b 2009-2014 Released in 2017


Thanks to continuous improvement of the algorithm (especially in the near-real time processing), better calibrated data and extend of the period for some data records, a second release of each existing data record is planned in the next years.

Moreover, two others data records will be processed or re-processed :

  • HY-2A L2 winds, 25 and 50 km (OSI-157) 2011-2016
  • RapidScat L2 winds, 25 and 50 km (OSI-159) 2014-2016