OSI SAF sea ice products missing SSMIS input


Some of the OSI SAF sea ice products are missing input data from SSMIS, since there is a data outage at NOAA for these data. The directly affected products that are missing today are (with timestamp 20210220:

- OSI-401-b Sea Ice Concentration
- OSI-404-a Sea Ice Emissivity

The OSI-430-b Sea Ice Concentration ICDR product also use SSMIS data, but is delivered with 16 days delay, and hence will be delivered if the missing data is delivered in delayed mode.

Some other OSI SAF sea ice products also use SSMIS, but together with other input data such as AMSR-2 (multisensor products), so are not directly affected.

The data flow has not be restored yet, so tomorrows products might also be missing. We apologize for any inconvenience.

OSI SAF sea ice team