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Visiting scientists reports

OSI_VS18_03 - Chris Merchant, University of Reading
Error Covariance Specification for Optimal Estimation Sea Surface Temperature (2019)

OSI_AS17_05 - Carolina Gabarro, ICMCSIC
Inter-comparison of high and low microwave frequency sea ice concentration algorithms (October 2018)

OSI_AS17_04 - Wenming Lin, ICM-CSIC
Extension of the validation of the NSCAT-5 Geophysical Model Function : Enhanced Quality Control with the NSCAT-5 Geophysical Model Function (April 2019)

OSI_VS17_03 - Lise Kilic, Observatoire de Paris, LERMA
Improving the effective temperature estimation over sea ice using low frequency microwave radiometer data and Arctic buoys (June 2017)