Planned interruption for week 08 of 2020


Due to sun-colinearity on Meteosat-08, from 2020-02-06 to 2020-02-18,  products dated 09:00Z may be degraded quality or unavailable.

Due to Meteosat08 eclipse, from 2020-02-07 to 2020-03-30, products dated 21:00Z, 22:00Z and 23:00Z may be with degraded quality or unavailable.

Impacted products:

[OSI-IO-SST] Meteosat Indian Ocean Sea Surface Temperature

[OSI-IO-DLI] Meteosat Indian Ocean Downward Longwave Irradiance

[OSI-IO-SSI] Meteosat Indian Ocean Solar Surface Irradiance


Due to an incident, SST products based on S-NPP VIIRS data may be degraded since 2020-01-08T20:22Z  .

Investigations ongoing.

Impacted Products :

OSI-202-b : North Atlantic Regional Sea Surface Temperature

OSI-203-b  : Northern High Latitude L3 Sea and Sea Ice Surface Temperature

OSI-205-b  : High Latitude L2 Sea and Sea Ice Surface Temperature