Planned interruption for week 31


1) Correction of an incorrect gridded feature in the Metop SST retrieval


Impacted products :

OSI-201-b Global Metop Sea Surface Temperature

OSI-202-b North Atlantic Regional Sea Surface Temperature

OSI-204-b Full resolution Metop Sea Surface Temperature metagranules


An incorrect gridded feature which is an artefact of the Metop SST processing chain will be corrected in the operational processing on Tuesday 31 July. Before this date, the use of a too low radius when remapping aerosols auxiliary data leads to a grid pattern of pixel spots with no Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD) information. The processing chain may assign a wrong higher quality level to these pixels which pop up with a gridded feature.



2) Additional global attribute in NAR SST based on VIIRS data


Impacted product : OSI-202-b North Atlantic Regional Sea Surface Temperature (L3 NAR SST), based on VIIRS data

As done for the NAR SST product based on AVHRR data on the 17 July, the netCDF library used to generate the VIIRS NAR SST netCDF4 products will be updated to version in the processing chain on Tuesday  31 July. As a consequences, please take note that there will be an additional global attribute (_NCProperties) which specifies the versions of the netCDF and HDF5 libraries used to create the netCDF4 file.



3) Due to IASI instrument calibration on METOP-B on 20180803 from 0512UTC to 0912UTC, no production during this period.

Impacted product :
 [OSI-208-b] Infrared Atmospheric Sounding Interferometer Sea Surface Temperature