Planned interruptions for Week 42


- Due to Meteosat11 eclipse from 2020-08-31 to 2020-10-17 : OSI SAF products dated 23:00Z to 01:30Z may be with degraded quality or unavailable.

- Due to sun-colinearity from 2020-10-06 to 2020-10-16 : OSI SAF products dated 11:45Z to 12:15Z may be with degraded quality or unavailable.

   Impacted products:
   [OSI-206-a] Meteosat Sea Surface Temperature
   [OSI-303-a] Meteosat Downward Longwave Irradiance
   [OSI-304-a] Meteosat Solar Surface Irradiance

- Due to Goes16 Eclipse period from 2020-08-30 to 2020-10-15 : OSI SAF products between 04:30Z and 05:30Z may be degraded.

   Impacted Products:
   [OSI-207-a] GOES-East Sea Surface Temperature
   [OSI-305-a] GOES-East Downward Longwave Irradiance
   [OSI-306-a] GOES-East Solar Surface Irradiance


An upgrade operation of the OSI SAF LML FTP server ( is planned next week from Tuesday 13 to Thursday 15 October 2020.

The OSI SAF products will not be available on this server during this period.

The latest OSI SAF products can be retreived from the backup LML FTP server ( in the same directories and with the same credentials as for

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

The OSI SAF products will also be available on EUMETCast as usual.