Release of new AMSR-2 sea ice concentration product (OSI-408)

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We are pleased to announce that the High Latitude Level 3 Global AMSR Sea Ice concentration product is operational since March 16th 2017.

This is a stand-alone High Latitude Level 3 Ice Concentration product, produced daily. It consists of these major fields:
Sea ice concentration: indicates the fraction of a given ocean grid point covered by ice. Uncertainties: the algorithm uncertainty, the smearing uncertainty and the resulting total uncertainty of each sea ice concentration grid cell.
Confidence level: based on the daily standard deviation within each grid cell, provided as a guide.

The product acronym is GBL AMSR SICO [ID: OSI-408].
The product is distributed on EUMETCast and OSI SAF FTP File name examples: for the northern hemisphere for the southern hemisphere.

This product is complementary to the OSI SAF SSMIS global sea ice concentration product (OSI-401-b). Information about OSI SAF can be found on