Removal of spurious ice from OSI-401-b


Dear OSI SAF Sea Ice Concentration User,

Issued Mon Dec  4 12:09:00 UTC

Product affected: SSMIS Sea Ice Concentration (OSI-401-b)

An issue with the production chain caused spurious ice to occur in the sea west off Iceland, in the, filtered, “ice_conc” variable. The issue has now been resolved for polar stereographic projection files (named ice_conc_nh_polstere-100_multi_*.nc and S-OSI_-DMI_-MULT-GL_NH_CONC__-*.grb.gz), by masking this area. The “masks” variable shows which masks have been applied. The fix will be applied to products distributed from 2017-12-05, and therefore be applied to tomorrow’s product netCDF file, named 

We are still working to resolve this issue for the EASE-Grid files (named ice_conc_nh_ease-125_multi_*.nc) and will update users on when the issue will be fixed for files with this projection.

Best Regards