Resumng product Global Sea Ice Concentration (SSMIS) OSI-401-b


Dear OSI SAF Sea Ice Concentration User,

In regards to our previous message, we came to the following conclusion:

After the interruption in incoming DMSP SSMIS data that took place last Friday, 19th Feb., the input data started to come slowly again since Monday 22nd around 00:27 UTC. However, there were many missing sectors and that led to missing data in the final product.

More importantly, for the SSMIS Ice Concentration product (OSI-401-b), three sensors are used, namely F-16, F-17 and F-18, we found out that F-16 contains corrupted data, and that led to corrupted data in the final product. From now on we will be using only F-17 and F-18.

We have regenerated the products and you can find them on our FTP server and quicklooks following this link.


We are sorry for the inconveniences, this may have caused.


Best regards,