Resumption of GOES data


GOES data production resumed on 2017/12/21 at 0600UTC.

Due to a problem with GOES-E  data reception, some products were unavailable since 2017/12/20/1200UTC.

Produits impacted:

- hourly GOES SST dated 2017/12/20/1200 and 1900; 2017/12/21/0200, 0300,0400 and 0500UTC.

- hourly GOES FLUXES dated: 2017/12/21/0300, 0400 and 0500UTC.


OSI SAF products based on GOES-16 -SST (OSI-207-a) and radiative fluxes (OSI-305-a and OSI-306-a)- should be distributed with a status "pre-operational" and a file_quality_level 2 (suspect : occasional problems). Moreover, the SSES (Sensor Specific Error Statistic) of the SST (variables sse_bias and sses_standard_deviation) is set
to zero.