ScatSat-1 25 and 50 km near-real time wind products available for evaluation


We are glad to announce that as of today, the level 2 wind products from the OSCAT scatterometer on the ScatSat-1 satellite are available for OSI SAF users. The winds are produced by the OSI SAF/KNMI and based on the level 1b backscatter data which are kindly provided by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). The products have status 'in development' and we welcome users to provide feedback.

We deliver products with 25 km and 50 km swath grid spacing. The data are available on the KNMI FTP server in directories /scat/scasa (BUFR format) and /scat/netcdf/scasa (NetCDF format). If you have forgotten your credentials for this server then please let us know on

The Product User Manual is available on, the products are visualised on (25 km) and (50 km).

Please note the following limitations and remaining issues:
1) The timeliness of the products is not always optimal, delays of more than 12 hours occur from time to time. ISRO is working on this problem.
2) The quality of the winds is generally very good and well within the OSI SAF specifications. In rare cases with dynamic meteorological conditions we occasionally observe some discrepancy between the HH and VV radar beam signals, leading to spurious high winds and MLE. Fortunately, these cases are almost always flagged by the KNMI QC flag. Nevertheless, this issue is being further investigated.

Your feedback is most welcome! Please don't hesitate to contact us on when you have any questions.