Switch from GOES-13 to GOES-16 for sea surface temperature (SST) and radiative fluxes (SSI, DLI)

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Dear OSI SAF user,
Following OSI SAF service message #1455 sent on 29 September 2017 and some news from NOAA operating the satellites GOES, we are now able to inform you that we will receive GOES-13 data until December 13th. So we will be able to process and distribute OSI SAF GOES-13 SST (OSI-207) and radiative fluxes (OSI-305 and OSI-306) until December 13th.
From December 14th, we will not be able to receive GOES-13 data any more.
Between December 11th and 20th, GOES-16 will undergo 3 to 9 days of calibration activity. All instruments will resume nominal operations by December 20, 2017, and GOES-16 will officially become GOES-East. At this point we should receive GOES-East data, process them and distribute the OSI SAF GOES-East products (OSI-207-a, OSI-305-a and OSI-306-a) with a status "pre-operational" and a file_quality_level 2 (suspect : occasional problems) or even 1 (extremely suspect : frequent problems). Indeed the products will not have been validated enough.
Note there is a high risk of interruption of the OSI SAF GOES-East products (OSI-207-a, OSI-305-a and OSI-306-a) from December 14th.
With GOES-16, SST will be produced 24 hours a day (because of the available channels allowing for SST computation during daytime).