Switch from Meteosat-10 to Meteosat-11 for sea surface temperature (SST) and radiative fluxes (SSI, DLI)

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As announced in the service message #1492 on 12 December 2017, Meteosat-10 from the European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT) will be replaced by Meteosat-11 as operational satellite in the position 0° on 20 February 2018.
The following OSI SAF products, based on Meteosat-10 input,

will be replaced by the following ones, based on Meteosat-11 input, on 20 February 2018:

The updated SST product will be distributed with a status "operational" and a global attribute file_quality_level 2 (suspect : occasional problems) until a scientific validation report is available. The pixel quality_level, reflecting the quality of the retrieved SST per pixel, will be between 2 (bad) and 5 (excellent).
The updated radiative fluxes (DLI and SSI) products will be distributed with a status "operational" and a file_quality_index 2 until a scientific validation report is available.
Nevertheless we hope that the initial processing of Meteosat-11, satellite of the same series as Meteosat-10, will be of similar quality as the one currently performed with Meteosat-10 data.
The files distributed on EUMETCast will have exactly the same name as the current one. See the typical file names:
S-OSI_-FRA_-MSG_-DLISSIH_____-201802061700Z.nc (hourly DLI and SSI)
S-OSI_-FRA_-MSG_-DLISSID_____-201802061200Z.nc (daily DLI and SSI)
S-OSI_-FRA_-MSG_-H__SST_FIELD-201802062000Z.nc (hourly SST)
The files distributed on Ifremer FTP server will have a slightly different name because their file name includes the number of the satellite. See the typical file names:
20180205210000-OSISAF-RADFLX-01H-MSG4.nc (hourly DLI and SSI)
20180205120000-OSISAF-RADFLX-24H-MSG4.nc (daily DLI and SSI)
20180205210000-OSISAF-L3C_GHRSST-SSTsubskin-SEVIRI_SST-ssteqc_meteosat11_20180205_210000-v02.0-fv01.0.nc (hourly SST)
The updated product user manuals are available on the OSI SAF web site.