OSI SAF videos

Here is a play list of some videos made with OSI SAF products :

Training on scatterometer winds

In the video below, Mark Higgins, training officer at EUMETSAT, explains how to interpret the products derived from the ASCAT instrument on board the Metop satellites.

You can find material on scatterometer winds products and software and their use on the Scatterometry Training page.


Material on OSI SAF sea surface temperature and radiative fluxes

Information on GOES-E and MSG processing to retrive sea surface temperature and radiative fluxes (presented in June 2016 at the Coordination Group for Meteorological Satellites 44) : EUMETSAT OSI SAF : Ocean products from GEO satellites

Focus on MSG SST (presented in June 2016 at the Group for High Resolution Sea Surface Temperature - Science team meeting) : OSI SAF MSG/SEVIRI activities

Focus on MSG SST reprocessing (presented in September 2016 at the EUMETSAT Meteorological Satellite Conference) : OSI SAF Sea Surface Temperature reprocessing of MSG/SEVIRI archive


Material on OSI SAF sea ice products

An overview of the different sea ice products (presented during the OSI SAF workshop in 2014) : OSI SAF Sea Ice Products

Focus on practical use of OSI SAF sea ice data : OSI SAF Sea Ice products


Paper on OSI SAF high latitude radiative fluxes

Operational high latitude surface irradiance products from polar orbiting satellites

The Third EuMeTrain Marine Forecasting Course (Spring 2017)

Some OSI SAF scientists participated as speaker to the Third EuMeTrain Marine Forecasting Course. They talked about sea ice and scatterometer winds. More information on this course :