Upcoming upgrade of GBL SST and MGR SST

Cécile Hernandez's picture
We are planning to upgrade the two near-real time SST global products based on Metop-B/AVHRR data in mid-late July:
The current products use the cloud mask MAIA version 3 as essentiel first step of SST processing. We will use the cloud mask MAIA version 4 instead, which is already used since a while for other productions.
Moreover, the way of building the L3 12 hourly GBL SST product will be improved (more importance will be given to the quality level over the proximity in time and space). This will result in a marginal decrease of files volume (slightly less SST pixels but higher proportion of good quality SST pixels).
This product maintenance does not include any format change so no action from the user side is needed.
The updated user documentation can be found here:
Until the operational products is upgraded mid-late July (the exact date will be communicated later), don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.