Update of GOES-East sea surface temperature (SST) and radiative fluxes (SSI, DLI) planned mid-December

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Dear OSI SAF user,

Mid-December 2017, the GOES-13 satellite from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) will be replaced by the GOES-16 satellite in the GOES East position.

This will impact the following products :

Unfortunatly, we will not receive GOES-13 and GOES-16 at the same time, so there will not be parallel processing of the two satellites data : the products made with GOES-16 will replace the products made with GOES-13 without being validated.

Nevertheless we hope that the initial processing of GOES-16 will be of similar quality as the one currently performed with GOES-13 data.

We will inform you when we have more information on the switch.