Update to OSI-401-b: new instrument and correction to a netCDF attribute


Dear OSI SAF Sea Ice Concentration User,

This message concerns a minor update to the OSI-401-b (Global Sea Ice Concentration (SSMIS)) product. The update will affect netCDF product files, starting from those with the timestamp 2018-04-23.

Currently, OSI-401-b uses the following instruments: SSM/I F15, SSMIS F16 and SSMIS F18. Due to a degradation of the F17 data, the use of this instrument in the OSI-401-b product was stopped in November of 2016. F17 will be put back into operational use, as it is now operating nominally. Also, F15 will no longer be used, due to the age of the instrument (it was launched in 1999). Therefore, after this update, the following instruments will be used in the generation of the product: F16, F17 and F18.

Additionally, a “coastal_correction” flag, which is currently missing, will be added to the netCDF file attribute for the “status_flag” variable. The flag is included in the “status_flag” variable even though it is currently not referred to in the netCDF attribute.

Best Regards,

The OSI SAF Team