Update of the SST operational validation for LML products

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A new version of the SST validation has been developed and implemented in 2020. The software has been revisited: intermediate ASCII files have been replaced by netCDF files, new satellites can be added more easily, the validation and blacklist processing are more consistent. The validation principles are unchanged (assessment of the accuracy of the satellite SST, compared to in situ SST), but some tests and thresholds have been changed and robust statistics have been added.

The latest validation results are available on OSI SAF web site (http://www.osi-saf.org/lml/#qua_SST) and an overview of the quality per 6 months-period is available in the half yearly operations reports (http://www.osi-saf.org/?q=project-documentation).

This new version of the SST validation is desbribed in this document, also available from the online validation results web page (see "SST Quality Assessment principles").

The SST validation is applied to the following products:

[OSI-201-b] Global Metop Sea Surface Temperature

[OSI-202-b] North Atlantic Regional Sea Surface Temperature

[OSI-204-b] Full resolution Metop Sea Surface Temperature metagranules

[OSI-206-a] Meteosat Sea Surface Temperature

[OSI-207-b] GOES-East Sea Surface Temperature

[OSI-IO-SST] Meteosat Indian Ocean Sea Surface Temperature