Upgrade of the LML FTP server at Ifremer, new services

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Ifremer will perform an upgrade of the OSI SAF FTP server on 10 April. This upgrade should be seamless for users with no expected major service interruption but some short unavailability is possible.

The hosting of OSI SAF products will be transferred to a new infrastructure called “Datarmor”, operated by Ifremer, to improve the reliability and sustainability of its operational services, as well as improving their consistency and costsharing. This new large storage system extends the amount of online OSI SAF products by providing access to the complete OSI SAF archive. The data will be accessible through various means:

Previously available before, the new URL is now : ftp://eftp1.ifremer.fr/cersat-rt/project/osi-saf/

The credentials remains the same as before. Please note that the former URL (ftp://eftp.ifremer.fr/cersat-rt/project/osi-saf/) will still work but we advise users to switch to the new one (with "eftp1" in the URL instead of "eftp").

The data tree has also been re-organized, as explained in the document Data tree on LML FTP server, but the former paths remain fully valid through links to ensure a seamless transition. Again, users are advised to use the new folder structure.

Additionally, a backup FTP server is now also available, with a rolling archive of one week : ftp://eftp2.ifremer.fr/cersat-rt/project/osi-saf/. The credentials are the same as for the master FTP server. For operational use, we advise you to fall back on this server to access the latest data, in case the master one is temporarily not available.

If you cannot use the FTP protocol, a HTTPS access has been implemented : https://osi-saf.ifremer.fr/

Use the same credentials as for the FTP servers.

A Thredds access is also available : https://tds0.ifremer.fr/thredds/OSISAF.html

It allows users to access data through OpenDAP. WMS access is also available for all gridded and geostationary products (refer to OSI SAF SST and flux product descriptions on http://www.osi-saf.org/)

We hope these improved services will fit your needs. Please contact the OSI SAF helpdesk if you detect any problem.