Web address of OSI SAF winds website at KNMI is changing


The OSI SAF winds website hosted at KNMI has moved to new infrastructure and this has lead to a change of web address: http://projects.knmi.nl/scatterometer/ has now become https://scatterometer.knmi.nl/. All product viewers and other pages were migrated one to one, e.g. the old URL http://projects.knmi.nl/scatterometer/tile_prod/ can now be found at https://scatterometer.knmi.nl/tile_prod/.

Currently most old addresses are automatically forwarded to the new locations. However, the old addresses will be closed at some point in the coming months and the addresses starting with projects.knmi.nl/scatterometer will not work anymore then (they still do work now). So please update your browser favorites and other references to make them point to the new locations.