Workshops and surveys

The OSI SAF tries to answer to the requirements defined by its users community. In addition to the continuous activities related to user support, the OSI SAF feel the need to meet its users communities in specific meetings. To meet the users and to discuss on scientific and technical aspects, workshops are being organised.

EUMETSAT NWP SAF mesoscale wind data assimilation workshop,
Tallinn, Estonia, half a day, during the EUMETSAT Conference 17 to 21 September 2018

How are we going to exploit all the future wind observations? The EUMETSAT NWP SAF mesoscale wind data assimilation workshop will address this question and raise expectations for the beneficial use of all these novel wind observing systems. The OSI SAF team will be there.

More information on the first announcement.

See also the page on Scatterometer wind processing software packages.

OSI SAF workshop on Sea Surface Temperature in 2019 ?

We consider to organize a half-a-day workshop as side event of a next GHRSST science team meeting.

OSI SAF past workshops and their outcome

You will find below information on previous workshops and the material which was presented.