radiative fluxes

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Radiative fluxes based on GOES-16 now operational

Following service message #1692, radiative fluxes based on GOES-16 are

OSI SAF GOES-East SSI and DLI with GOES-16, first tuning

Following the switch to GOES-16 for OSI SAF GOES-East Radiative fluxes on 14 December 2017 (

Resumption of GOES data reception

GOES data production resumed on 2017/12/17 at 0600UTC.

Interruption of GOES data

Due to a problem with data reception . GOES-E data is unavailable since 1015 UTC.
Produits impacted: hourly GOES SST and FLUXES may be unavailable.

High Latitude radiative flux product missing

The Atlantic High Latitude daily SSI and DLI products were not produced yesterday (product dated 30.09.2017) due to internal processing problem. Todays product have been produced as nominal.


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