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Low resolution sea ice drift missing on EUMETCast

Todays low resolution sea ice drift product (OSI-405-c) were no distributed on EUMETCast, due to a processing error.

Metop-A ASCAT instrument back to nominal

The Metop-A ASCAT data became available yesterday, and the production of sea ice edge, type and low resolution ice drift is using these data again.

Metop-A ASCAT instrument anomaly

Due to an instrument anomaly on the Metop-A ASCAT instrument, the OSI SAF sea ice edge (OSI-402-b), type (OSI-402-c) and low resolution sea ice drift (OSI-405-b) products are produced without ASCAT

Updating Sea Ice Edge, Type and Drift products

The current OSI SAF sea ice edge (OSI-402-b), sea ice type (OSI-403-b) and low resolution sea ice drift (OSI-405-b) products have been updated.

New version of the OSISAF Sea Ice Concentration Climate Data Record

The EUMETSAT Ocean and Sea Ice Satellite Application Facility (OSI SAF) team is pleased to announce the release of OSI-450, a new full reprocessing of its Sea Ice Concentra

Missing data in the AMSR-2 sea ice concentration product (OSI-408)

Dear OSI SAF Sea Ice Concentration User,

Issued Thu Apr 27 13:35:00 2017 UTC


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