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Removal of spurious ice from OSI-401-b

Dear OSI SAF Sea Ice Concentration User,

Issued Mon Dec  4 12:09:00 UTC

Product affected: SSMIS Sea Ice Concentration (OSI-401-b)

Missing sector in sea ice products using AMSR-2 data

The AMSR-2 sea ice concentration (OSI-408) and LR sea ice drift product (OSI-405) distributed on 25th November have a large sector of missing data due to outage of AMSR-2 data from the provider JAX

OSI SAF High Latitude servers back to nominal

The problem with the OSI SAF High Latitude FTP and HTTP servers that was reported yesterday in service message #1464 was fixed yesterday evening and the servers are available as nominal.

Outage of High Latitude FTP and HTTP servers

Due to problems during server maintenance (see Service Message #1463), the OSI SAF FTP and HTTP servers are currently not available. We are working on resolving the issue.


Maintenance at OSI SAF High Latitude servers

MET Norway will perform maintenance and upgrades in the infrastructure of computer facilities on October 18. and October 25.

OSI SAF Sea Ice products: missing AMSR2 data

Due to an outage of AMSR2 data from JAXA, the OSI SAF sea ice products using AMSR2 data have missing sectors or reduced quality where the AMSR2 data are missing.

Dissemination of NetCDF Format for SSMIS Ice Concentration (OSI-401-b)

Dear OSI SAF Sea Ice Concentration User,

Issued Thu Sep 21 13:33:23 UTC 2017

Sea ice extent updates back to nominal

The daily updates of the sea ice extent figures that are available at

Missing data in the AMSR-2 sea ice concentration product: now operational

Dear OSI-SAF Sea Ice Concentration Users,

Issued Mon Jul 17 12:37:00 UTC 2017


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