sea surface temp.

Resumption of S-NPP data

S-NPP data resumed at 1700UTC with S-NPP ascending based product dated 1300UTC.

Interruption of S-NPP data

Due to a problem with data reception S-NPP descending based product dated 0200UTC will be incomplete.

METEOSAT INDIAN OCEAN Sea Surface Temperature

The product Surface Temperature of the Sea on the globe is made again since 08/12/2017 from the product dated 1500UTC.
METEOSAT IO SST (L3C Seviri Meteosat08 Indian Ocean).

Quicklooks resumed

O&SI SAF website resumed with quicklook:

Metop MGR SST track LML, north pole, south pole since 20171204 at 12h00.

Interruption of METEOSAT INDIAN OCEAN Sea Surface Temperature

Due to an environment processing issue, production has been unavailable since 2017/12/01 at 0700UTC.

Investigations are running.

Interruption of S-NPP data

Interruption SNPP

Problem in S-NPP processing system from the 20171201 at 1130UTC. Troubleshooting in progress.

Impacted product :

Quicklooks outage

Since 2017/11/27 1200 UTC, O&SI SAF website has been no more provided with quicklooks, due to the unavailability of the production system.

Product impacted: MGR SST.

Resumption of SNPP data

S-NPP NAR SST products are available again since 6 octobre 17 at 1400UTC.

Interruption of S-NPP data

Due to a problem on processing machine S-NPP ascending based product dated 1300UTC will not be available.

The following S-NPP NAR SST products will not be available until further notice.

No Products due to transmission anomaly (OSI-202-b)

Due to a probleme with the transmission-service the METOP -B AVHRR have been unavailable from 20171003 at 0734UTC sensing time to 20171003 at 1322UTC sensing time.


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