sea surface temp. and radiative fluxes

Planned interruption for week 33

None foreseen

Planned interruption for week 32

None foreseen.

Planned interruption for week 31

1) Correction of an incorrect gridded feature in the Metop SST retrieval


Impacted products :

Planned interruption for week 30

none foreseen.

Corrective : Planned interruption for week 29

During the indicated period, Metop-B on-board maintenance will be performed. A short science data outage of up to 10 minutes is expected between 09:30 UTC and 10:00 UTC.

Planned interruption for week 29

Metop-B manoeuvre planned on 2018-07-019T09:30Z. Quality of geolocation in OSI SAF products may be temporarily degraded after the manoeuvre.

Impacted products:

Meteosat - SST and radiative fluxes : Outage of EUMETCast dissemination.

Due to an outage of EUMETCast dissemination between 1343UTC and 1416UTC, some products are not available (1345UTC, 1400UTC and 1415UTC slots). The situation is now back to nominal.

Resumption of Meteosat-11 data

Meteosat-11 services resumed the 2018/07/11 at 08UTC. Back to normal production.

Impacted products:

Interruption of Meteosat-11 data

Due to instrument anomaly, Meteosat-11 production has been interrupted the 2018/07/10 at 2330UTC. This production is now provided by Meteosat-9 since 2018/07/11 0300UTC.

Planned interruption for week 28

None foreseen.


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