sea surface temp. and radiative fluxes

Planned interruption for week 20

Due to a maintenance in the Eumetcast system on 20170518 to 0800UTC from 1100UTC: products may be temporarily delayed during this operation.


Planned interruption for week 19

Meteosat10 manoeuvre planned on 20170508 at 1558UTC: products may be temporary degraded after the maneuver.

Impacted products : METEOSAT SST, DLI and SSI.

Planned interruption for week 18

Due to an upgrade of the link LANNION-TOULOUSE on 20170503 at 0800UTC, some products may be transmitted with delay.

Resumption of METEOSAT data

Meteosat data resumed at 1400UTC.

1000, 1100, 1200 and 1300UTC data were degraded or unavailable.


Interruption of METEOSAT data

Due to an outage of the satellite METEOSAT, data have been unavailable or degraded since today

2017/04/25 at 1000UTC.


planned interruption for week 17

Due to IASI instrument calibration on METOP-B on  20170426 from 0512UTC to 0912UTC, no production of IASI SST during this period.

planned interruption for week 16

None foreseen.

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Planned interruption for week 15

None foreseen.


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