sea surface temp. and radiative fluxes

Planned interruption for week 19

None foreseen


Planned interruption for week 18

None foreseen

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Problems with some Low and Mid-Latitude SST and Flux production on 2019-04-24

Due to problems on transmission systems at Météo-France production centre, generating lack of input data, several OSI SAF products have not been produced and others have been delayed on 2019-04-2

Planned interruption for week 17

Meteosat-8 manoeuvre planned on 2019-04-24T03:43Z. Products may be temporarily degraded after the manoeuvre.

Impacted products:

Planned interruption for week 16

Due to IASI external instrument calibration on Metop-B from 2019-04-21T05:12Z to 09:12Z, there will be no OSI SAF IASI SST production during this period.

Planned interruption for week 15

Due to eclipse season on Meteosat-11 between 30 March and 07 April, there is a risk of degraded image quality from 0000UTC to 0100UTC.
Impacted products:

OSI SAF High Latitude SST and Flux production back to nominal

As reported in service message #1803 and #1804, some of the high latitude SST and Flux products (OSI-203, 301 and 302) have experienced problems.

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Temporary unknown quality for products based on GOES-East

From today (Tuesday, not Thursday) 2nd April around 09:00 UTC, the OSI SAF processing will use input data at only H+00 and H+30.
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GOES-East Full Disk scan every 10 minutes instead of 15 minutes from 2nd April

NOAA NESDIS plans a permanent change for GOES-East (GOES-16) Full Disk scan: every 10 minutes instead of 15 minutes from 16:00 UTC on Thursday 2 April 2019.


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