Risk of interruption in OSI SAF/EARS wind data provision on 14 January, 9 to 11 UTC

Due to maintenance at EUMETSAT on Tuesday 14 January from 9:00 to 11:00 UTC, OSI SAF and EARS wind product data transfers may be interrupted during this period.

Upcoming change of ScatSat-1 input data and effects on OSI SAF wind products

A few weeks ago we announced an upcoming calibration change in the ScatSat-1 input data that we use to produce the OSI SAF ScatSat-1 winds (OSI-112-a, OSI-112-b).

ScatSat-1 winds dissemination resumed

This morning ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) has decided to revert the change in ScatSat-1 input data.

Planned outage of OSI SAF ScatSat-1 winds

As of 16.00 UTC today (16 December) we will temporarily stop the provision of OSI SAF ScatSat-1 winds (OSI-112-a, OSI-112-b) to the users, both on EUMETCast and on the FTP server.

Metop-C ASCAT wind products planned outage 4 December - out of plane manoeuvre

Please be aware that today, Wednesday 4 December, an out of plane manoeuvre of Metop-C will be performed which may lead to a considerable outage time of OSI SAF and EARS Metop-C ASCAT wind products

Metop-C ASCAT wind products will be available on EUMETCast from 28 November

The dissemination of OSI SAF Metop-C ASCAT 25 km (OSI-102-c) and 12.5 km (OSI-104-c) scatterometer winds on EUMETCast will start on 28 November 2019.

ScatSat available again

ScatSat data are available again.

ScatSat data flow restored

Dear wind product user,

The ScatSat-1 winds (OSI-112-a, OSI-112-b) data flow is restored now.

ScatSat-1 winds unavailable

We are currently not receiving ScatSat-1 input data. The OSI SAF ScatSat-1 winds (OSI-112-a, OSI-112-b) are therefore not available.

ScatSat-1 winds data flow restored

The ScatSat-1 winds (OSI-112-a, OSI-112-b) data flow is restored now.


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