ScatSat-1 winds unavailable

Since yesterday we experience problems in the ScatSat-1 wind processing. The input signal levels appear to be too low and we obtain unrealistic low wind speeds.

Metop-C ASCAT winds data flow restored

The Metop-C ASCAT winds (OSI-102-c, OSI-104-c) data flow has been restored now.

Metop-C ASCAT winds unavailable

The OSI SAF Metop-C ASCAT winds (OSI-102-c, OSI-104-c) are currently unavailable due to a ground segment issue, investigations are ongoing.

New versions of NWP SAF/OSI SAF Wind Bias Correction Guide and Data Assimilation Guide available

New versions of the Wind Bias Correction Guide (v1.5) and the High Resolution Wind Data Assimilation Guide (v1.3) are available now on the NWP SAF website: 

Web address of OSI SAF winds website at KNMI is changing

The OSI SAF winds website hosted at KNMI has moved to new infrastructure and this has lead to a change of web address:

ASCAT-C recovered

ASCAT-C operation has been recovered on 22 jan on 22:10

ASCAT-C anomaly

Due to an instrument anomaly no ASCAT-C data are available. EUMETSAT is investigating the cause.

OSI SAF winds available again through EUMETCast

The data flows through EUMETCast have been restored now.

OSI SAF winds unavailable through EUMETCast

Due to a ground segment anomaly the OSI SAF wind products (ASCAT and ScatSat-1 winds) are not available through EUMETCast. Investigations are ongoing.

ScatSat-1 winds data flow restored

The ScatSat-1 winds (OSI-112-a, OSI-112-b) data flow is restored now.


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