ASCAT-A service resumed

The ASCAT-A service is resumed.

ASCAT-A service resumed

The ASCAT-A service is resumed.

ASCAT-A outage

We are not receiving ASCAT-A data due to a ground segment anomaly at EUMETSAT. Investigations are ongoing.

ASCAT-A service resumed

The ASCAT-A service has been resumed.

ASCAT-A outage

EUMETSAT reported an anomaly in their ASCAT-A ground segment since 13:03 on 19-08-2019. Investigations are ongoing.

ScatSat data available again

The ScatSat data stream has resumed.

OSI SAF ScatSat-1 winds unavailable

Dear wind product user,

We are currently not receiving ScatSat-1 input data. The OSI SAF
ScatSat-1 winds (OSI-112-a, OSI-112-b) are therefore not available.

ASCAT-A winds available again

Apparently the problems with MetOp-A have been solved, at least for ASCAT: we are receiving and processing data again.

OSI SAF and EARS Metop-A ASCAT winds outage ongoing

EUMETSAT reported that the Metop-A outage was caused by an automatic shut-down of the spacecraft payload. Investigations into the root cause are still on-going.

Metop-A ASCAT winds unavailable

The OSI SAF and regional EARS ASCAT winds from Metop-A (OSI-102 and OSI-104) are currently unavailable due to a spacecraft anomaly.


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